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This week's SOD features interviews with Shawn Christian and Lauren Koslow, and this week's SOW features an interview with Nadia Bjorlin.

Daniel brings Kate to a motel room in order to get her to confess. Shawn Christian tells SOD, "He has to lie to her and tell her the tables have turned and people are starting to think she is guilty." He also lies to Kate and tells her that Victor told him she was guilty. Lauren Koslow says, "He kind of drives her to a point where she blurts out what she did." Koslow continues that Daniel tells Kate that she never really affected him, and Kate responds that of course she affected him, because she took Chloe away from him. Koslow says, "And that's the 'confession'... it's pretty dramatic stuff when it happens."

Daniel tapes what Kate says. He plays it back to her, and as Koslow says, "... she freaks out, smacks him over the head and ties him up." Koslow says that Kate has "gone off the deep end" and "is not dealing in reality at this point".

However, Lucas then calls and tells them that Chloe has woken up! Kate "has a moment of clarity and it really hits her," says Koslow. She leaves Daniel tied up and leaves the motel. Christian tells SOD that Daniel fights to get free, because his love for Chloe is motivating him.

Meanwhile, Kate goes to Stefano for help. Koslow says that Kate never would have imagined she'd do this. Kate and Stefano go to the motel, but they see that Daniel has escaped.

At the hospital, Chloe and Lucas talk. Nadia Bjorlin tells SOW that Chloe is "slightly insensitive". Chloe asks where Daniel is, and Lucas asks Chloe why she cares about Daniel, since he tried to kill her. Chloe says that Daniel wouldn't ever try to kill her, and in fact, they're in love with each other. Bjorlin says, "Then, ta-da, Chloe all of a sudden has a moment where she realizes who did this to her: Kate."

Chloe tells Lucas to believe her, since Kate would do anything for her kids, and as Bjorlin says, "it's not like [Kate] hasn't done similar things in the past." Bjorlin continues, "The funny thing is that after how dumb everyone's been about what Kate's been doing, Chloe figures it all out in five minutes."

Chloe then leaves to look for Daniel; at the same time, he's looking for her. Christian says that Daniel has head trauma and is confused, "but that's just phase one of this torturous odyssey of obstacles he has to get through to get to Chloe."

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