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Sep 9 2009, 11:37 AM
This doesn't sound too bad.
I agree with you but I feel like it should've happened sooner. The pace of this is very Reilly, in a bad way. It's not building my anticipation; it's annoying.

I also feel like the FBI contact angle isn't soapy enough. It's a shame they don't at least reference the ISA. Or use Lexie, who I think is still a doctor, a Dimera, and has a babyswitching past of her own. Or even connect it to Dr. Dan somehow (he's a magic doctor, maybe nobody else in Salem can be trusted after the reveal about Dr. Baker selling babies) so his...incapacitation gets all twisted in this, and maybe Kate finds out what Rafe's up to and uses that knowledge to get help from Stefano or something. Then instead of using Meredith- another random person who hates the core Salemites- they could play Rafe continuously lying to Sami by hiding what he knows. Or not, and he and Sami go on a adventure to find magical Dr. Dan.

I dunno. If this is to be the primary story on the show- let's twist it up a bit more. Though whoever mentioned memory loss is probably spot on and we're in for some amnesia, which is pretty standard soap stuff.

Thanks for the article!
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