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I think a great many people feel just as you do. They've completely over played the story to the point of nobody caring all that much. It's gone on so long, and taken so many twists and turns and involved such a variety of characters that it's gotten lost within itself. At this point, it's long past time to reveal the whole danged thing. Having more partial reveals, which really result in not much more than false alarms, just frustrates the viewers and dilutes the huge impact that having the entire truth come out at once could have.

ITA. This s/l was only added b/c of Ali's own pregnancy which was over almost 8 months ago. It needed to be revealed this summer and gotten over with. I have heard that they may try and incorporate Carly and maybe even Bo and Hope into all this at some point when they are in Europe. I agree that the viewers are frustrated with the whole thing. It could have been a good s/l if TPTB would have wrapped it up months ago.
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