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Thanks Ellie!

I think that this storyline has gone way past its expiration date and has landed in the land of WHO CARES! They are repeating dialog. How many times does Nicole have to tell Sidney "they are in the clear"? How many times does EJ have to enter the room to people whispering? How many times does Rafe have to look stupid and explain to Sami why he is at her place even though he said he was leaving town? How many times does Nicole have to look like she had shit her pants?

This storyline is OVER done! and when the big reveal comes it will be anticlimatic. Let me guess what happens - EJ and Nicole split up, Rafe goes missing, Sami thinks Rafe left town. EJ and Sami grow closer, closer, closer - they have a forgiveness talk end up making love and Rafe walks in on them. Sami goes running to Rafe and she later finds out that she is pregnant yet again with EJ's BABY!
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