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Sep 9 2009, 04:18 PM
Sep 9 2009, 02:32 PM
I think it sounds decent. People keep complaning about the pace of the story, but it feels right to me. Having watched soaps for SO many years, longer journies to a reveal seem more true to the genre than these quickies that are in and out in a month or two. I hate fastfood storylines. I also kind of like more characters becoming involved as time goes on. For a long time DAYS was very clique-y with their characters' s/ls. I want to see the characters and their stories interwoven, not have it all about 2 or 3 people only.

I do think it is funny that the two dumbest characters on the show (Rafe and Chloe) are the two people who figure everything out (in their respective s/ls) in lightening speed.
THANK YOU! :hail:

This IS classic soap opera. People act like this is some sort of Passions thing but it isn't. Most of the best soap stories were stories that took this long, if not longer, to come out. The best stories are ones that go on for a long time, play all the beats, and involve many characters over time. That makes the payoff worth it in the end. Days' big problem in the last few years was that there was no long-term commitment to anything. There were no stories. There were arcs. The pace was way too fast and too many beats were missed. Since Tomlin came on, he changed that. Yes, there are contrivances and things can drag at times but that is part of what made soaps what they are. Look back at Y&R under Bill Bell. Look back at classic JER in the 90's. As long as the story is good and the payoff has major ramifications (which this will), there is no problem IMO. Not saying people have to like the story but acting like this is something that isn't what soaps are about and pretending this is some kind of storytelling exclusive to Passions is ridiculous.

I also have to say once more that just because Gary Tomlin worked as a DIRECTOR at Passions doesn't mean he is trying to turn the show into Passions. The man worked at Days in the early 80's. He's worked on many shows. He worked on OLTL around ten years ago and did fantastic things there, bringing the show long overdue Emmy recognition. He controlled nothing at Passions. He may appreciate JER's style a little and may like casting Passions actors but so what? ATWT has casted several GH/PC alums. Are they trying to become GH or PC? What about how many times GH casted former Days stars? Were they trying to become Days? I just don't get it.

The man has worked on more then one show so to ignore everything else he's done in his career just to push the "Days is turning into Passions" agenda is something I find no logic in. Days has plot-driven elements. Try finding a show that doesn't. Days is dragging stories on forever. That's soap opera, for ya. That pacing and style was around years before Passions. In fact, this baby switch story is not even close to being long by Passions standards. Passions dragged it's stories on 5 years at the earliest. I know they casted three major actors from Passions but that means nothing . As I noted, other shows have done shit like that too and nowhere did I see the kind of response when they did it as I do from fans now with Days. All because Tomlin was a mere director at Passions so, naturally, of all the shows in his career he can choose to emulate, he's going to choose a show he did nothing but direct at. Okay....

If there is any show he is emulating, it's Sunset Beach. I can't argue with that logic because it fits. Beating the Passions drum...don't see it.

Back to the story at hand, this kind of story is a bust if it lasts less then 6 months. It just is. You need to play the relationships of the mothers to the child. That is what the baby switch in 2000-2002 did. Lexie's bond with Zack needed to be built up, as did Hope's bond with JT. Otherwise, the climax would've had no impact. The whole story needed to play all the beats or else there would be nothing for the audience to feel at the end of it. Same goes here. Sami and EJ had to go through the pain of losing a child they thought was theirs so that when they find their real child, the emotional resonance is great. The relationship between Sami and EJ is also at the heart of it, as is the Nicole/EJ and Sami/Rafe relationships. Hell, Will/Mia/Chad and Brady/Nicole is even in play. This story touches many relationships. Stefano and EJ's bond will be affected as well. You need to build the story up to reach full impact or you have an ending that does nothing for the audience or the show long-term (something like Y&R or GH would do nowadays). Otherwise, why bother?

This will open up many story opportunities as a result and that is the point of stories like this. You get tons of mileage out of them. One of the mistakes soaps made was turning to quick as lightning pacing, thinking that is what the audience wants because a select few like event-driven storytelling. That was wrong. You tell the story at a natural pace that works for the story you telling. Build it up to have long-term ramifications. I'm glad Days got back to that. In every story, I can see long-term ramifications right now. That is what soaps are about. Plan for today but also tomorrow.
Bravo! :applause: :applause: :applause: You explained that so well. Love reading your posts. I agree that Tomlin has done so many things right for Days and I am loving how this storyline has been built up and will have outcomes that will last for long time to come. Can't wait to see it all play out!
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