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Sep 9 2009, 02:53 PM
I think EJ fans should be very happy with this. Rafe knows everything and that means his part in it is practically over. They will lock him away with Meredith and focus on the rest of characters slowly unwrapping the mystery as well. EJ and Nicol have sex and they are planning to go on a honeymoon and there was also some talk about his upcoming birthday. Knowing Tomlinīs love for irony and foreshadowing itīs obvious things are about the get very ugly for them.
I agree. I suppose I see why EJ fans are upset but, to me, it makes no sense for EJ to put the pieces together when he's been played this whole time. It would actually make him look even more stupid IMO to have him figure it out. EJ was blinded to everything Nicole did early on IMO. The way things ended with Sami left him in an emotional turmoil and he was just sick of the whole situation. Nicole was pregnant so he opted to settle down and move on. Nicole was giving him everything he wanted. She loved him for who he was and let him act as he wanted. She was having his child and loved him. She was everything he wanted and he didn't want to lose that, not after losing Sami. I just feel he was blinded by his love for Nicole and desire to live the life he wanted so that is why he let so much slide early on. EJ got more and more suspicious with time but the trail had gotten pretty cold by then and then there was all the Kiriakis/Dimera war and the Grace drama. Of course, it helped Nicole to have Stefano on her side.

Rafe makes the most sense to figure this out. Besides his relationship with Sami, he's an outsider. He's an FBI agent. It's in his character In his first two months on the show, he spied on EJ and Nicole by breaking into the mansion. He's always been suspicious of Nicole only he could be objective about it, unlike EJ.
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