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i feel really sorry for melanie. to give her credit, i truly think she believed that she and philip would be together. if anything, philip is kind of the jerk in the situation. also, nathan's disappointment in melanie came out of left field, but she also didn't try to defend herself.

i'm curious as to how all the info rafe has dicovered is going to come out without the actual baby switch being revealed until later, since i assume this whole thing will come to a head shortly before AZ's maternity leave. i had forgotten about sister teresa having info on 'mary' and finally, rafe's involvement makes sense! yay! i'm also glad to see that sami is suspicious, but i don't like that she got roman involved. sami's kids are in europe, so she needs to do some sleuthing on her own.

hope sucks. bringing dean over and flaunting the whole reward thing in bo's face was so childish and uncalled for. i can't wait for the moment when hope discovers her precious dean was really the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

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