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I hate how Sami just sat there as Nicole told her that she couldn't trust Rafe. Sami, look who you're talking to! What, now that they're friends, Sami is supposed to forget about everything they've done to each other in the past? It's so annoying! I don't mind Sami and Nicole being friends, but when there's a chance to remind the characters and the viewers that these two weren't always friends, the writers need to take that chance. It makes sense, and when they don't, it just makes the characters look stupid. In this case, Sami.

What is Roman's beef with Rafe? I don't get it. :shrug:

I'm glad Philip suspected Melanie could be capable of the sex tape. At least not everyone has forgotten the horrible person Melanie used to be.

What is the point of Philip and Stephanie anymore? I no longer care and these two had so much potential. At least I still like the couple in my own little fan fiction. I brought them together back in January, and I think they broke up once. ONCE! :lol:

Lindsey Hartley was amazing today. She really held her own in those scenes with John Aniston. I would love to see more scenes between Arianna and Victor. I could totally see a Bo/Carly/Victor vibe coming, only this time with Brady and Arianna. To keep Arianna away from Brady, Victor takes her for himself instead. After Hartley and Aniston's scenes today, I would go for it.

I hate seeing Nick Stabile as Dean. There was so much potential in the character and actor. It's been wasted. :shame:
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