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Actually, I wouldn't mind what one of the posters proposed.... that while Rafe is all tied up, EJ learns about the miscarriage and thinks that Sydney is Mia's and Chad's. It would mean that he will feel like he has lost BOTH his baby girls completely (since he will think that Sydney was never his and will realise that Nicole miscarried theirs), it would also mean that he would gladly throw Nicole out and let her take Sydney with her when she leaves (best way for her to go on maternity leave), it would finally give James Scott some really great scenes to get his teeth into without having his moment overshadowed by Sami realising her baby is alive, and it will make the moment when he and Sami realise that Sydney is truly THEIRS all the more dramatic for both characters. They will BOTH want to be reunited and will feel that they were cheated. Up until now, EJ has had his daughter with him, it was just the mother that was a secret. I think that would be great!
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