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Rafe has been called a flat character. Did you ever think he is written that way? Let me give a look at four different men... These are all IMO, but I think I am spot on.


Is very emotionally high strung, he hates strong, he gets sad strong, he gets hurt strong, and he loves strangely. I don't think showing love is his strong point and he feels the need to control the situation and that means controlling those he loves with lies and other. His weakest point is what his father has installed in him the gene to make him think a woman should be controlled and not interfere in business, he fights it though unsuccessfully. HIs emotions are not realty based to most men.


He too is very emotionally high strung, he hates strong, he gets sad-- then boozes, he gets hurt-- then boozes and comes out swinging, and he loves completely. The problem is sometimes too completely and sometimes he puts his girls on pedastals and dares then too fall off. His weakest point is him seeing things only in black & white. His emotions are somewhat based to some men.


He keeps his emotions in check for the most part-- but when he flies of the handles he really goes, he hates hardly anyone at all-- he tends to give everyone plenty of room for mistakes, he gets hurt-- pushes people away and them gives space to reconsider, and he loves completely. The problem is sometimes he doesn't see people for who they really are, and can be easily used, namely Nicole (sometimes). His weakest point is the blind eye he cast to grandpa Vic (sometimes). This guy sounds like my husband.


Keeps his emotions almost completely in check-- exceptions are intense love & intense sadness, he hates strongly--- but doesn't express it very strongly, he gets hurt-- and swallows it like it was a pill, and he loves whole heartly-- but still lets his mind control the relationship not his heart. I think this emotionally shortage is caused by a very horrific past and training from the FBI. On this guy I'm changing it arond, his weakest point is he keeps his emotions in too much of a check and his other weakest point in his obsessive need to protect those he loves and hold dear, who are on a very short list --Sami, her kids including Grace and her memory, Arianna, & sister Agnes. The problem is the need is so obsessive he sometimes over reacts to protect his loves and keeps things from them he considers dangerous or hurtful to them. He is like most men when it comes to his emotions, almost cold, except in intense circumstances.

I think his protectiveness, is what cause Emily's death.

He is mostly a flat character, because he keeps his anger and his emotions in check. He doesn't let things show on the outside. But people around him that know him can read him like a book, Sami-- somewhat, Sister Agnes more than Sami, & Ari more than all.

I think this week will show us more and more my summarizatiion of these three men will become more evident.

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