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Well, they've fucked the sami-nicole relationship all to hell. IDK why I am surprised when this show has a habit of making me regret wishing for something.

Speaking of wishes...I loved the scene between Hope, Dean, Stephanie and Bo today, I just wish I could have seen Dean and Stephanie in the same shot. I agree with everyone Hope is being a royal bitch to Bo but can't Bo at least pretend not to be upset about the reward in front of company?

I'm enjoying confrontational Rafe, GG busts out these lines so pan faced and it works. Ari really is acting pregnant now, even though she doesn't really look it, I wonder how they are going to work around it. What ever happened to Roman digging up dirt on Emily?

I wasn't too impressed with the Brianna break up but Brady was great when he commanded Ari to get out, you could see anger and pain all mixed in his face. Best line: "it's something you only need to experience once". Of course, seeing LH is like seeing angels sing and she busted out those trademark tears--hooray! :)

LH must be giving SH crying lessons because SH was pretty good. Nathan's reaction to the whole thing in Maggies kitchen was like a knife, but I dont think he's a jerk for saying it. Phillip on the other hand, suspecting Melanie put the tape on the net--total asshole, but that's what I expected from Phillip. He really doesn't think too highly of Melanie. Molly could have at least put some saline drops in her eyes, but the scene where Nathan left her in Maggie's kitchen was impactful when she was left standing all alone.
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