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I hate how Sami just sat there as Nicole told her that she couldn't trust Rafe. Sami, look who you're talking to! What, now that they're friends, Sami is supposed to forget about everything they've done to each other in the past? It's so annoying! I don't mind Sami and Nicole being friends, but when there's a chance to remind the characters and the viewers that these two weren't always friends, the writers need to take that chance. It makes sense, and when they don't, it just makes the characters look stupid. In this case, Sami.

What is Roman's beef with Rafe? I don't get it.

The only thing I can say about Sami is that possibly the writers are trying to show how messed up Sami's mind really is right now and give a reason for her going to the convent. If she were thinking clearly, she would never have taken up with Nicole. Besides her history with Nicole, she is married to EJ now and that isn't a good sign, plus Lucas and Rafe have both warned her about Nicole, and she isn't following the advice from either of them-- men that she trusted.

With Roman--I was so surprised at him on Wednesday. He, just two weeks ago, told Rafe that he knew he loved Sami very much and thought he was the only man he had known who could love Sami the way she needed to be loved. Now he tells her that maybe Nicole is right and he doesn't know if he trusts Rafe or not?? I am thinking what the heck is this!! I realize he wants Sami to make up her own mind about Rafe, and that is good, but he could have been a little bit more supportive----- UNLESS-- Rafe is working for him and he can't say anything and needs to act like he is clueless.
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