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Sep 10 2009, 03:15 AM
Rafe is going to solve it because HE is Sami's Hero.. They love eachother deeply, and this is the core a good love story.

I know its not the love story that Ej/Sami fans have wanted.. But its the 'Love Story' we all have regardless.
His background, and his love for Sami makes it perfectly sensible that he invesitgate. I agree that EJ has become something of a distant player in it all, but Im sure that will change when he discovers the truth.. I fully expect him to keep the truth from Sami, and fight her at every angle when she does know the truth.. I expect he will stay married to Nicole to secure his hold on Sydney, but I think he will put her somewhere away from him in his anger/hatred .. atleast for awhile. It will be interesting to see how things play out with Stephano. No doubt Father will explain it in such a way it all makes perfect sense tho I see it changing the relationship between them. Im personally hoping Nicole finds herself pregnant again and is able to carry the next one to term.
But thats me.

I do agree they should include other Salamites in the story.. Rafe should have bonds with Roman and Bo, or atleast Brady or Dr Dan, I find it strange that he is doing everything alone, and Aria is his only friend other than Sami.. I also firmly believe his sister Arianna is an undercover drug agent.

I love your post. It is spot on!!!
This is a good core love story-- one that DAYS has needed for a long, long time. I agree that when EJ finds out, he will probably keep the info from Sami to get back at her.
I also, would like to see Rafe have ties with someone else in Salem besides Ari. Maybe, he is working with and for the Salem PD undercover to expose the Dimeras and that's why they have isolated him from others. I remember that he and Roman talked about how Roman was interested in bringing Stefano down and Rafe said he would be glad to help. Perhaps that is why Roman is so aloof when it comes to Rafe.
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