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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Sep 10 2009, 10:40 AM
^The weird thing about that is under Ed Scott and that other dude, the storyline sucked. It was obvious that direction was lacking, character motivation was so unclear and ridiculous, it seemed like nothing flowed. But I was hooked.
Now with Tomlin and DH, there is direction, the stories tie into each other, characters are interacting and seem to be maintaining a steady personality, but I am just not into it at all.

I think that the story is dragging, and i know that soap reveals take a long time, nature of the beast, etc. etc., but maybe it is time to switch it up and catch up to an audience that is so spoiled to immidiate gratification. It's worth a try as what do they have to lose. There are only so many characters they can bring back for ratings...then it relies on storytelling and adaptation.
You make a great point about the difference between now and then. I couldn't agree with you more. While there were many issues with the storylines during Ed Scott's reign, I found I enjoyed the overall show so much better.

It seems to me that part of what kills the show now is the dialogue these characters are given. It's so bland, and so repetitive. And I realize repetitive dialogue is a soap staple, but it seems we're being overrun with it these past several months. There are times it has me rolling my eyes - other times I want to pull my hair out. Even if I enjoy the characters, I don't want to hear them saying the same inane things, over and over again. I also think it was a stupid, stupid move for Corday to basically admit in SOD that they could give a shit about the show or the ratings until 'that critical period from October to May'. In hind sight, he wasn't kidding, was he? :blink: The show has been at a dead crawl for what feels like weeks to me...and I'm guessing that's why they are getting 1.6 averages in the ratings. If they don't care to tell me a story why the hell should I watch? Admittedly, I must be a glutton for punishment - or maybe just a creature of habit - but it definitely makes me question the loyalty I've always had for this show when it seems TPTB don't feel the same.
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