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Sep 10 2009, 03:38 AM
I understand that many here are frustrated and upset that the story has not resolved, and some claim to have lost interest alltogether .. But the numbers say that Days is doing much better than it was in 2007, and 2008 .. So while many here say they are over it , its clear that other Days fans feel otherwise and are interested and even enjoying what they are watching.. They may be frustrated too .. Days has always been frustrating .. but they keep tuning in and hoping that today will be the day something happens.. That 'Something' being different for everyone.. Lucky for DOOL the majority of its viewers are probably not on this board, or any other site.. They simply watch shows they like.. I know that *I* am the only person I know who watches soaps and takes part in any message boards.. We infact are the minority..As most just watch TV.
Days is doing better in the ratings as of last week - the show possibly could be on a slight ratings' upswing, temporarily. Most of the summer ratings have not been good -- it's just that other soap ratings have been worse. In any case, the show stopped entertaining me about a year ago. I kept watching, hoping things would get better. They didn't.

At first, I was upset because it became clear that I was never going to get a storyline for the couple that I loved, EJami, and the show went out of it's way to destroy my favorite character -- EJ, but I thought, well, Days is still my soap, maybe something else will draw me in. Nothing did plus the writing really had become like nails on a chalkboard to me -- and there's no continuity whatsoever. The way the baby switch story has unfolded really was the last straw. I still cannot fathom why EJ has been cut out of this story. Every bit of drama had been sucked out of the storyline for me by making Rafe the focus. I had thought this story would lead to a big finish. Instead, I'm sensing a big "thud." A dramatic failure in the end.

So I finally said "goodbye" to the Days. It amazing how hard it was to really let go of a soap that I had watched for years. I think I actually went through a mourning period -- crazy and I LMAO just thinking about it!

To make a long story short, I saw a preview of another soap on YouTube and decided, what the hell, I'll give it a try. It will probably suck like Days. The last time I had watched it was in the late 70's and early 80's. In hindsight, it has worked out for the best. My bitterness about Days has started to go away because I'm happy with what I am watching now and I realize now after getting into a new soap that Days hasn't been not my kind of show for awhile. I was merely watching out of habit and loyalty that the show never earned from me. The ratings for my new soap suck really, really bad, LOL, but that doesn't matter because I have fallen in love the show. I cannot wait to see the next episode (what a novel concept) and it does something that Days hasn't done for me in a year -- takes me away for an hour and totally entertains me.

There is one change too that I made when I started with this new show. I refuse to ship any couple and I don't read spoilers or participate in show message boards for that show. That has helped a lot.
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