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Halloween Family
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Sep 10 2009, 11:15 AM
It seems to me that part of what kills the show now is the dialogue these characters are given. It's so bland, and so repetitive. And I realize repetitive dialogue is a soap staple, but it seems we're being overrun with it these past several months. There are times it has me rolling my eyes - other times I want to pull my hair out. Even if I enjoy the characters, I don't want to hear them saying the same inane things, over and over again.
I dont think soaps have to resort to instant gratification, it's just insulting when the dialogue is so repetive and the fake outs are too much to take. Soaps can survive the ridiculous ott s/l's if there is good dialogue, even better if it's witty, heck how about intelligent. Character development complete with insights couldn't hurt. And good acting. Personally, I could give a rats ass about everyone using the same cell phone especially if the money was used to help some of the actors emote and refine things like accents. Hopefully, in all that mess the characters/actors could connect romantically, plantonically or in a familial way.
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