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I love the faith of die hard EJami's. But this EJ lost me at "Nicole would never lie to me" or one of five hundred other platitudes he said in his never ending groveling to both her and his Fatha.

Rafe had it right when he asked Nicole about the whereabouts of "clueless husband". Leading romantic men do not act like this EJ has. He stinks so bad now, it is painful. So what if he and Sami get together to bond over the kids? Rafe is the one who has gone the extra mile to help her while EJ was hiding away, his head tucked tween his legs to cover his pain over Sami rejecting him? This is not a man. I hate what has happened to this once dynamic character. So what will he do when he finds out the truth?

Say sowwy? He has been destroyed and should be retired to the Salem attic with Carrie and Colin.
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