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Sep 10 2009, 11:32 AM
Happy for the Carly fans. Not that excited myself! I would much rather have some of our vets like Marlena, John, Steve, Kayla, Jack & Jen or Tony & Anna back instead! Now THAT would be exciting! :rockon: Also, not a fan of the interloper storyline for Bo & Hope! :frustration: Can't understand why they couldn't come up with a more original storyline than the same ole same ole for the last vet couple on this show! :shithitfan:
Agree completely! I didnt necessarily mind Carly (certainly liked her better than the Billie character) for Bo while Hope was not in the picture.... but as a die hard Bo & Hope fan I can see this is going to simply be another break-up only to see them get back together in a few years time when sad Carly will leave town (oh wait..... sorry... no...that was Billie!). Is it just me or does this entire storyline look like it is headed for the Bo/ Billie/ Hope triangle Mark2??

When knews of CCs return broke TPTB & even Crystal Chappel herself made out that Carlys return was not going to involve Bo & Hope or be used as a way to break up the only remaining super-couple on the show. In saying all this, I am actually glad B&H have a story line. I am SO sick of the monotone teens! Im guessing this is another lame attempt to create some drama for B&H so they get a front burner storyline.

And unfortunately, while I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the return of the vets you mentioned (my all time fav's besides B&H!), I think the actors playing them were treated so badly when they were fired that I doubt they would ever return....even if someone with half a brain that has any power asked them... and who could blame them.
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