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Sep 11 2009, 09:35 AM
Sep 11 2009, 07:51 AM
For some reason, it bothers me that they make such a big deal out of Brady and Sami being "brother and sister"...its only by marriage, and Sami never referred to John as her dad once. Why do they push it so much? Can't they just be cousins?

I watched yesterday's show and Rafe is still bugging the shit out of me. He is coming off as this smug asshole hypocrite with this personal vendetta (love the word) against Nicole. I know I am supposed to be rooting for him to reveal the truth and for Nicole to go down and all, but I was so happy that Nicole won his little convent test. I'll probably be rooting for Nicole now that Rafe is the one to figure it out.

AS looked great, and I liked her cozy little talk with Brady in the pub.
Nicole and Stefano are always a bright spot.

Hope/Dean/Ciara was pretty intense, and I liked the ending of each clip. Very dramatic.

And I know I was a big skeptic at first, especially because of her Passions background, but LH is just kicking all kinds of ass over FT when it comes to being Arianna. I couldn't imagine FT bringing half of the life that LH has. I am enjoying her as an actress. Too bad that I don't care for the character.
They've only known they were cousins for a year and a half, and I'm not positive Brady's gotten that memo. Brady was raised as Sami's stepbrother with Sami's half-sister by the same parents who raised Sami. Sami referred to John as dad the entire time she was growing up. Brady referred to Marlena as mom off and on his entire life. They're more siblings than they are cousins, IMO.
I understand that, but Sami's parents are Roman and Marlena. Brady's parents are John and Isabella. I don't remember them all that close growing up or even living together. And from what I remember, Sami always called John, John. Not daddy. And Brady may have called Marlena "mom" once in awhile, but still. They are NOT brother and sister like they are trying to play it.
It is just brought up all the time and it annoys me.
Not that big of a deal though.

EJ did do a bit better yesterday with the controlled anger. That is the slick man I remember. Keep it cool, dude! The Sami/EJ conversation is getting a bit old though. Has Sami ever apologized? Is that what EJ is looking for?

Oh and SocR - I loved when Stefano was appalled that Nicole thought he killed a nun. Those two are funny yet serious together! Bring on Stefanole! :)
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