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While there are still areas that need improvement, I think Days is getting better. It seems they are focusing more on family involvement. Today, there were scenes between Phillip and his father while Bo talked to Roman about his problems with Hope. I'd like to see more of these types of interactions.

Is Roman finally going to be in a storyline serving as Ari's boss? I'm not a big fan of the character but if Days is going to keep him on contract they should use him more. Abe and Lexie also need to be featured more prominently. The Bo and Hope story has been kicked off and I'm enjoying seeing them on my screen more. I like having Justin involved in that story. If Days spent more time on those stories it would balance things out more so it doesn't look like Days is catering to an audience of teenagers.

I hope with the returns of Vivian and Carly we will see more focus on the over 30 crowd. Will and Mia aren't on that much and that is OK with me because both of them need more acting lessons. I think Casey is the strongest actor of the three in that triangle.

LH is a big improvement as Ari but I think she, Brady, Melanie and Nathan could be featured less. The Phil and Stephanie back and forth has to stop as well.
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