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Monday, September 14th
Nicole goes to Brady to ensure he keeps her secret; Rafe receives a restraining order from Nicole; Nathan and Melanie give Chloe another dose of medicine; Roman reminds Arianna her job is nonnegotiable; Daniel is offered a plea bargain.

Tuesday, September 15th
Mia tells Will that she was pregnant, not in rehab; Daniel asks Kate to meet with him again; Nicole tells EJ about Rafe's accusations against her; Arianna grills Brady about Nicole's secret; Lexie realizes that Chloe received another dose of the toxin.

Wednesday, September 16th
Mia assures Nicole she didn't tell Will the whole truth; Rafe spies on Brady and Nicole; Kate tries to make a deal with Daniel; an upset Will runs into EJ and Sydney and reveals that Mia lied to him; Chloe starts to wake up.

Thursday, September 17th
Melanie and Nathan are arrested; Will reconciles with Mia; Rafe gets info from the clinic nurse; EJ tells Nicole he feels fortunate to have her, and she suggests they leave town; Lucas informs Kate that Chloe is waking up.

Friday, September 18th
Chloe admits that she loves Daniel; Stefano tells Kate that any help from him comes at a price; EJ and Nicole finally decide to honeymoon in Paris, but Nicole has bigger plans; Rafe contacts a former FBI buddy, who advises him to collect DNA samples.
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