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So EJ does go with Nicole huh?

Okay-- I think him & Lucas need to join a club for duped men, or maybe a twelve step program. I am not an EJAMI fan, and know soon he'll wake up and smell the coffee burning on the stove. But EJ makes a great villian, so therefore a good actor-- and I certainly don't want to see him portrayed as stupid...

For those who like my summarizations here are those men's point of destruction-- becoming very evident this week.


He is so mad at Sami and though he has 'feelings' for Sami he sees her also as the devil incarnate, isn't that the pot thinking the kettle is black. This makes him pull a stupid, wanting to embrace who he thinks is the better woman, I mean she is very similar to him a woman lying to the man she loves to keep him, sounds like the female version of EJ. And this week will see more of the same---


He takes everything so strongly then he reacts like a crazy person, I mean what she did was horrific, but even in bad times he needs to keep grounded, but he doesn't-- glug glug.


He cares for the women in his life so much that when he is hurt by them he over reacts. Like going off of Melanie (it is her life) & cutting Ari off at the past (let a girl get a word edgewise).


It's best summed up in two words... Grace died. Sami admits to he's not handling it very well, I think she thinks, how could he? and Sami tells a nun Monday he won't let her in.

Hey wait a second, isn't she the one that shut the door when she gave him that ultimatium.

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