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Sep 13 2009, 03:26 PM
If it is true it is true, they are not bashful comments, people have speculated about Michelle Stafford. It should not be made into a crime, I was simply addressing another poster. This does not change what may be true about Michelle Stafford. All you have to do is type in the subject, other people have speculated this topic at large this is a new age where this can be dicussed, and not be considered a big deal. Just because you like the Phick pairing should not be made into a little topic at all. If Sharon Case were speculated to be us fans of her would want to know, since we know and like her character on the program.

Again, An online blogger has addressed this issue. This topic regarding an actor and or actress is NOT against board guidelines to put that up front this actress is in the business. Michelle Stafford since being paired with Joshua Morrow, has become popular with that pairing. People have been curious of this matter of her sexuality and or dating relationships. Just google in "Michelle Stafford is a lesbian" and you will find a hefty load of massive speculation. Michelle Stafford has become good friends with Joshua Morrow, and since their pairing, Josh has shifted gears somewhat randomly to suggest more sex scenes with her, when he had made the statement before the pairing that he did not ever think it would be fool proof. Michelle Stafford has NEVER been in a REAL relationship before, and yet she opts to have a baby before settling down to have a significant other a man who will want to except this. In todays society it is very very hard to find the right mate, and she has not had one to date, or one that she woulfd call for as a real relationship. Joshua has even called her a frat bro. Michelle Stafford is near 50 years old, and she opts for this extreme route to have a child before getting in a committed relationship with a man first, THAT IS VERY ODD THING TO DO, men in this day and age want to date, and then make children. Michelle Stafford has not dated, but has a child first, and that seals off good chances of finding a mate to be with if you have a child first and near 50 years old. And again, just google in MS and the question, many people are curious of this matter, she is in the business. And again: There have been reports that Michelle Stafford is a lesbian, and her venturing to have a baby by artificial insimination without ever having a real and committed relationship, and also using the Phick coupling to keep it under wraps could be the case (I am not bashing her), but it is evident that is the case. Joshua Morrow is in a committed marriage to Tobe his wife with 3 kiddos, Sharon Case is married to Sndy Corzaine with maybe some children to come into play. Michelle Stafford is near 50 years old, and has never been in a real relationship, and she is having a baby, without a significant other, so she utilizes that approach to appear to be straight. Many people have speculated that this is the case (again NOT A BASH AT HER AT ALL).
Did you mean to report an almost exact copy of your previous posting?

I replied in my last post. I'm sure a lot of speculating has come from her being quiet about her life (see my above post).

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