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Sep 13 2009, 04:45 PM
Michelle Stafford and Tobe Morrow are very good friends, Michelle and Joshua are not in a "relationship" other then being good friends who love to work together, unlike other pairings where the actors DO NOT GET along.

Michelle Stafford is not a lesbian, she has said that IF she was she would have absolutely no problem "coming out", she has been in several relationships, one with a Hockey player, MALE Hockey player, and she is not 50, she turns 43 tomorrow.

Sharon Case's husband Sandy Corzine was married WITH children when he started having an affair with Sharon Case, as soon has his divorce was final they ran off and got married and she kept their relationship under wraps so that it would not embarass his wife and children and his MOTHER who is a very famous Decorator, Nancy Corzine, and when you see pictures of the family on the internet, you NEVER see Sharon Case, the the adulterous homewrecker, with the Corzine family. Sharon Case even went as far as "dating" after her marriage to throw off the press, wow what a great woman!!!

There how's that!
It's just as idiotic now, as when you first started the rumor back in 2007. Without any proof of what you're talking about, just as you're doing now with SC. Great a friggin grip already.
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