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I'm also not seeing this legendary chemistry between EM and LH, though perhaps I will at some point.

And I agree...I'm just not seeing this breathtaking chemistry with Eric M. Dammit. :hmmph: I was really hoping that at least out of all of this he'd finally get some great stuff to play.
I loved Ethan and Theresa in the day but it was all about Theresa, when they did the Ethan recast with EM, I didn't even hardly do a double take. There was so much build up and struggle for Theresa to get Ethan that when they did get together there was passion, so it was really weird seeing LH & EM already going at it from the get go, especially considering FT's Ari was gaurded and cold. and while I think EM & LH have chemistry as Brady and Ari it's kind of ho-hum, there's familiarity but no fire. It was just so blatant that they had LH in mind when they created Ari.

thanks for the definition.
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