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Sep 14 2009, 12:48 PM
How did the writers show us how hot Sami and Rafe were for each other? OK, they made love a few times, but it certainly wasn't a constant thing. Sometimes people express their grief with someone they love and who is going through the same thing by being close and intimate. There is nothing strange or abnormal about that. Different people express their grief differently and at different times in the grieving process. To say that Rafe helped her through her grief by playing "hide the salami" is ridiculous. He was a wonderful, strong, kind, supportive man to her -- Sami's words to EJ.
my opinion is what it is. yours is different, so there's no reason for either one of us to start calling the other ridiculous. let's just agree to disagree. for you, sami's word is gospel, and rafe is the bestest, smartest most wonderful guy in the world. clearly, my feelings on the two are quite the opposite. i suggest we just leave it at that.
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