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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Sep 14 2009, 12:48 PM
Sep 14 2009, 11:54 AM
loved the stefano/kate scenes today. i really would like to see those two in cahoots, so i was sorry kate didn't turn to him for help with chloe and daniel. kate has never before had any qualms about teaming up with a person that previously hurt one of her kids, so long as it benefits her.

sami pisses me off. first off, i'm annoyed that show keeps having to tell us how much sami grieved for grace. perhaps if the writers hadn't spent so much time in the weeks after grace's death showing us how hot rafe and sami were for another, it would be a different story. but since they did do that, we're now forced to listen to sami whine and cry about how upset she was instead of them just showing sami working through the griving process at the time. i will agree with her on one point and that is that rafe definitely helped her get over grace-albeit with his favorite game 'hide the salami.' secondly, i hate how sami constantly flings the fact that ej and nicole have a healthy baby at home in their face. this is getting old. sami is not childless. she has three other children, two of whom she just shipped off to europe. so i'm finding it pretty hard to sympathize with her right now.

i'm surprised rafe hasn't put two and two together and figured out that the hired goons that killed baker were most likely employed by stefano. i'll give nicole as much credit as i can, but let's get real here. anytime a masked man kills someone in town, the first suspect is usually stefano, and rightly so.

i wish they'd move the chloe story along a little faster. they took a break for a week and now we're back to where we started even tho it appeared that chloe improved after the last dose daniel gave her.

thanks for posting the clip, ellie.

How did the writers show us how hot Sami and Rafe were for each other? OK, they made love a few times, but it certainly wasn't a constant thing. Sometimes people express their grief with someone they love and who is going through the same thing by being close and intimate. There is nothing strange or abnormal about that. Different people express their grief differently and at different times in the grieving process. To say that Rafe helped her through her grief by playing "hide the salami" is ridiculous. He was a wonderful, strong, kind, supportive man to her -- Sami's words to EJ.
Other than watching Sami walk around for a couple of weeks with little or no makeup on - I don't recall seeing much in regard to her grief over losing Grace. Her almost immediate focus after the funeral was moving Rafe in and then finding out about his past. I was extremely disappointed that we saw so little of the impact on Grace's death for Sami. It was portrayed as being much more devastating for EJ - which even as a EJami fan - I find hard to believe. EJ has basically grieved all Summer...Sami? Not so much. She's been far more focused on Rafe and being pals with Nicole.

It's crappy writing, no doubt about it. Ali Sweeney did a fantastic job in the initial stages of the story so it's not as though she wouldn't have been able to continue to carry that on. It would have made a lot more sense to see Sami withdraw and focus on her grief rather than her "flavor of the month".
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