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Sure, there are a lot of new people, but most have some ties to the core families. Its the next-gen. Daniel is tied to the Kiriakii. Nathan is tied to the Hortons. Melanie has ties to the Bradys via Max, but now is Maggie's "adopted" daughter. Will's Lucas and Sami's kid.

The only ones not tied to anyone of the core families are Chad, Mia, Rafe, Arianna.

The rest have been on DAYS in the past and come back (Justin) or have been there for years (Vic, Kate, Steffy, EJ, Nicole, Sami, Lucas, Chloe, Bo, Roman, Hope, Lexie, Abe, Maggie.)

The "new" vets outnumber what people call "who are these....?" by a lot.

As for Sami and her insta-grief. The woman has no direction other then chasing men- whether it be flavor of the month Rafe, or someone else. She even looks more pathetic now because she actually can have a job taking care of her kids but the writers decided to ship them off so she can go to the convent and think about Rafe.

This has been Sami ALL HER LIFE! Nothing new....just "traded in" men for the newer version.
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