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Sep 14 2009, 01:36 PM
Also, when new characters were introduced, they were focused heavily in scenes with established, well known characters until they, themselves, became well known. I saw characters today whom I didn't know interacting with other characters I didn't know. Consquently, this shows me that this is a show I don't know.

Let's use tha aforementioned Carly Manning example. When Carly was introduced, she was introduced through Justin & Adrienne (their honeymoon). She then came to Salem as a doctor at University Hospital and was revealed to be Jennifer's bestfriend from boarding school. She was then paired with Bo Brady. Carly's story heavily involved both Jack & Jennifer (who were wildly popular at the time) as well as Bo and then involved Alice who Jennifer drug to Alamainia when she impersonated Carly which then introduced Lawrence who then became involved with.... etc.
They have done that, Matt. They've had the new characters interacting with the vets and established characters.

Rafe was introduced through Sami. Thanks to Ali's pregnancy, Sami and Rafe didn't get a whole lot of airtime at first but that allowed fans to get used to him before he and Sami got really hot and heavy and he became a major player. He's also been primarily in scenes with Sami, Nicole, and EJ, all established characters.

Melanie was introduced through Max. The show did mess up here because she got way too much focus early on but they wisely had her loose everything, toned her airtime down, and developed and matured her and that changed many people's minds about her. She's living with Maggie now and gets many scenes with her. We also see her interact with Philip, Stephanie, Maggie, and Brady regularly. She's interacted heavily with Bo and Hope early on so she's been in scenes with many established players.

Daniel was introduced through Bo's illness story. He's Victor's Godson. He's interacted with Kate, Victor, Justin, Philip, Chloe, Lexie, Sami, Kayla and Marlena (when they were around) ..pretty much everyone.

Nathan is a Horton and lives with Maggie. He's been in scenes with Bo, Hope, Lucas, and Maggie.

Mia lives with Maggie and has had many scenes with Maggie, Brady, Nicole, EJ, Sami, and Rafe. She could use more scenes with the adult characters but she's had enough since coming on.

Chad just had scenes with Maggie Friday.

As I said, unless you watch regularly, you can't know all this nor can you know the characters. Days has actually done a fantastic job building the canvas. It's the same thing that happened before. Not saying people have to like it but I stand by the fact that it's the same transition that has happened before and unless one chooses to give the show a chance and watches regularly with an open mind, you can't expect to know what is going on or to even like it. That is up to the individual to decide, though. If they don't like what is going on or don't want to invest the time, then that is their decision. All I am saying is watching one day here and there or watching and fast forwarding more then half the show is not how you get to know a show and it's characters and it's not how you make an attempt at investing in a show.
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