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Sep 14 2009, 02:00 PM
Daniel was introduced through Bo's illness story. He's Victor's Godson. He's interacted with Kate, Victor, Justin, Philip, Chloe, Lexie, Sami, Kayla and Marlena (when they were around) ..pretty much everyone.
I think we're just going to have to disagree again. "Daniel was introduced through Bo's illness story" is not the type of thing I was thinking of. (Not to put words in Matt's mouth, but I don't think it's what he meant either.) Of course a new character is introduced through a story - how else would he/she be introduced?? The idea, imo, is to take a well-known character and slowly bring a new character into his/her orbit. Rafe and Sami, though overdone a bit, used that model. But just saying that "Nathan is a Horton", or "Mia lives with Maggie" doesn't explain to us how or why we should care about these new characters. I think Days has way too many of this type of introductions while having far too few of the type of introductions Matt is referring to.
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