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Sep 14 2009, 02:06 PM
Has Maggie's suddenly become the home for wayward teen-aged characters with no real connection to anyone so they've moved into Maggie's to give them a connection? Also, why the hell does this Nathan kid have the last name "Horton"? Even Melissa's last name isn't Horton -- it's Anderson. It's always been Anderson (well, since Bob Anderson adopted her when she was a small child. Before that, her last name was Phillips). There's no reason for Nathan to have the last name of Horton. And who's Chad? And why is it easier to read SOD synopses from over 30 years ago about Somerset (a show cancelled when I was a small child) and still know who the hell everyone is (and who played them), and yet Days is a clusterfuck?
Maggie is sort of like the new Alice.

I believe Nathan explained in a scene back in June why he had the name "Horton." He and Maggie also had this long talk over him feeling the pressure of living up to the legacy of Tom Horton. It was really well-done.

Chad is the father of Mia's baby, Grace, who died back in June. Sami thought she was her baby because Nicole switched the babies back in January. Nicole has Sami's real baby.

Back to Chad, he still loves Mia and he hasn't really done much else yet but get a job at the Java Cafe and harass Mia and Will. Admittedly, I was never a big fan of him but I finally managed to enjoy him in scenes with Maggie last week.
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