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Kristian Alfonso was a beautiful corpse in that promo.

This show definitely makes me thing "eh not so excited anymore."

What will he do when a woman from his past turns up? I'm guessing it will be the same shit he did last time. Try to help her out, pissing off Hope. At some point I'm thinking they'll wind up in bed together innocently, of course, or naked together to share warmth, and Hope will stroll in and get even more bitch-tastic than she already is. And Hope will turn to some other guy who will wind up being a villain and Bo will be torn and most likely by then Carly will be all over him trying to hide her feelings 'cause she knows he loves Hope or whatever. Vivian will probably manipulate shit, too, or try to convince Carly to go for it. Blahblahblah.

And, see, I'm thinking it will be a tired retread of the Billie stuff because they've shown me nothing that convinces me otherwise. Hell, they aren't even motivated to make a real promo. I get that it's a tease and all that but...damn that was lazy. And arrogant- if I were them I wouldn't assume that viewers know her by name. They need to learn the lessons of Patch/Kayla.

Oh- and it's even worse with that awesome carnival GH promo that came out not too long ago. Silly promo people- step it up! Make it a fan contest if you're that disinterested.
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