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This week's SOD features interviews with Joe Mascolo and Lauren Koslow, and this week's SOW features an interview with Lauren Koslow.

Stefano and Kate go to the motel room where she tied up Daniel. Kate tells Stefano that she should have killed Daniel, but Stefano tells her that he'll take care of things for her, and that she's not a murderer. However, he tells her than in return for this, she must marry him. Joe Mascolo tells SOD, "He's been alone for a while, so I guess he figures it's time to have a woman in his life."

Stefano and Kate announce their engagement, and Lucas, Roman and Victor are very suspicious. Stefano and Kate go to bail Lucas out of jail, and he's very angry at her. Then when they get home, Stefano tells Kate they're getting married that night.

Philip in particular is determined to stop Kate from doing this. Lauren Koslow tells SOD, "They're all just wildly angry with her, but Philip is the only one who steps up and he says, 'I am here for you and I don't care what you've done and we will fix it, but you cannot marry him.'" Philip tells Kate that she could use mental illness as a defense, but Koslow says that that scares Kate, since she thinks it might be true, and she wouldn't be able to deal with that.

Kate and Stefano get married at Chez Rouge. Victor surprises everyone by coming to the ceremony and offering to give the bride away. Stefano and Kate move into the DiMera mansion. However, when Kate wakes up next to Stefano the next day, she has a fantasy about Daniel. Then, she runs into Daniel on the pier, and he notices her ring. Kate tells him to leave her alone and that she wants to move on. Koslow tells SOW, "In some ways, it's an exciting new chapter for [Kate]. She's got the power she's always craved. She's married to the most powerful man around, and in the best position to do whatever she wants to do."

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