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I love the idea of Kate being married to a DiMera, living in the mansion and having all the power in Salem again. That being said, this storyline has really come out of left field. Stefano has not had any scenes indicating that he wants a woman in his life. You would think the writers, who have supposedly been prepared for this upcoming storyline between Kate and Stefano, would start dropping hints that Stefano is longing for love. Throw in a little scene where EJ and Nicole are being all romantic with each other and Stefano stares at them from the background. That would at least give fans an indication that Stefano wants some loving. But isntead, they throw Stefano and Kate into a random scene at the pub earlier this week. And now, I'm just supposed to be fine and content with Stefano and Kate getting married? Um no! I love the idea, but I want it done properly, and that's not happening.

I'm glad people are trying to stop Kate from marrying Stefano, especially Philip. Philip knows that Stefano was single-handedly responsible for his shooting earlier in the year. There is no way he would be okay with his mother marrying the man that tried to kill him. And I love Kate protesting to Philip's insanity defense. Kate is scared that she really is insane and that's an awesome angle for the writers to showcase, even though I'm sure it will be looked over episodes later.

I have to laugh at Stefano and Kate getting married at Chez Rouge. Why not the DiMera mansion?
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