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This sounds great! Lauren seems pretty excited too. What I like most is this is so in character for Kate and it will take her back to being the powerful character she once was. To me, she hasn't been that since early 2001. I also like the mental illness aspect they bring up. To me, Lauren has been playing it like Kate is disturbed so I'm glad that is mentioned.

I think this has had plenty of buildup. There have been numerous scenes of Stefano and EJ where he alluded to his not getting any younger and wanting to just focus on family. A few weeks ago, there were scenes at the hospital with Lexie, EJ, and Stefano that dealt with this a bit too. They've focused alot this year on Stefano's getting older and him settling down a bit. I don't even think this is about love. It's about Stefano having a companion. He wants someone by his side. This Stefano and Kate thing wasn't played as perfectly as it should've been but, to me, they can get by with it because it's more or less a business arrangement. I don't think it suits Stefano to have him getting all emotional as he watches other people in love or with someone. That is stuff he would keep to himself. Quite frankly, I didn't really care for him practically throwing himself at Kate numerous times in the last year or so either. To me, Stefano is above that and that is why I like the way this goes down. Stefano uses Kate's issues to get what he wants. That is Stefano.

I love that Victor is involved too. As for Chez Rouge, I don't mind it. If Maggie wouldn't allow it, Stefano would still force his way in anyway LOL. I also don't see Stefano being married at home. It's an impromptu ceremony but Stefano would want to make a big deal out of it and having it in the home would work against that IMO.

I just can't wait until all the interactions in the mansion. I also can't wait for Vivian to play into this because I can't see her not being involved.

This is a good example of something I mentioned earlier this year. The Lucas/Chloe/Daniel/Kate stuff was not very good overall. It had it's moments and was definitely more entertaining this summer IMO but, overall, not good at all. However, rather then just drop a story and act like it never happened the show built it up into something that would set all this up. That IMO is always the way to go.
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