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That's a shame, but I kinda figured that DAYS wouldn't do an in-depth "Lucas in rehab" s/l. I suspect that BD will be bumped down to recurring when his contract is up for renewal. The problem is that DAYS is pretty much a "couples show," and there's really no one with whom Lucas can be a couple. And I don't think that DAYS cares about Lucas enough to bring in a new woman for him.

DAYS has rarely tried to establish Lucas as his own character outside of his interactions with Sami. Except for this last year, Lucas's s/l has always focused on him being either Sami's friend, lover, or enemy. Now that Lucas has been separated from Sami's s/l, Lucas has been left twisting in the wind, and Chloe is yet another woman who has turned Lucas into a cuckold.

I do feel badly for BD. When Lucas got out of prison for shooting EJ, BD said that we'd see a darker Lucas who had been changed by his prison experiences. But that never materialized on screen; instead, Lucas spent a couple weeks yelling at Sami and calling her a whore, and then he moved onto his insta-romance with Chloe.

However, Vivian is returning soon, and Viv and Lucas used to be awesome scheming buddies back in the mid-1990s. DAYS could have Lucas return from rehab as a dark and severe character who finally cuts ties with Kate and teams with Vivian to destroy certain people in Salem….But I'm guessing that won't happen, and we'll just see Lucas pop up once or twice a month to offer advice to Will.
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