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Sep 16 2009, 03:07 PM
Seems pretty unfair to send the character off just as a potential sl comes along that could be meaty for the actor to sink his teeth into.

I have to agree with Cindy, seems like the DAYS vets are getting shoved aside for the Passions folk.
I don't see how a mere 3 actors from Passions (two of which have been here a year already) are pushing aside vets. Days is bringing back CC, Sorel, and Sabatino and it still has a very good amount of vets. What is happening to Bryan is awful but it has nothing to do with the Passions actors or Tomlin. Bryan was being shit on way before Tomlin or any of the Passions actors ever step foot on the Days set.

I still can't believe that so many are buying this "Days is turning into Passions" junk. Three Passions actors join the show in one year and it's like armageddon. Three former GH actors joined ATWT in one year. Is ATWT becoming GH? How many Days stars has GH stole? Is that show becoming Days? I just don't see the logic. The storytelling is classic soap. Dragging out stories was not exclusive to Passions. It's been being done since soaps began!

If Days is becoming anything, it's becoming a Sunset Beach knockoff. Tomlin actually did far more at Sunset and other shows then he did at Passions. He was a DIRECTOR at Passions. He was a producer and writer at shows like OLTL, Sunset, etc and he's received many accolades for his work on those shows.

I just can't see any merit in comparing Days to Passions. None at all.
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