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Dr. Chip
Sep 16 2009, 10:29 PM


Here are a couple of links from Deidre Hall and Wayne Northrop's returns in 1991.

I LOVED the first one. It gave me chills. Her identity was still a mystery the first week. After the reveal on a Friday, the next week, the same promo was played but showed her face at the end and said something like, "Deidre Hall returns as Marlena, the role she made famous."

THIS is how you do a promo!!!
I still remember that Marlena promo. One of my favorites, if not my favorite, of all time!

I mean, the announcer's voice is scary as hell!

All the soaps used to promote better. I think the problem is that a vast amount of the audience knows what is coming now. The Internet age changed everything. Not only that but a fan can be spoiled just catching a glimpse of a magazine at a checkout in a grocery store. There is no mystery anymore and that is what made soaps so much better back then. You could be mysterious and vague in your promotion back then. Now, not so much because word gets around fast so you may as well hype up the big return or twist because it's unlikely that will stay a secret for too long. Not to mention bigger budgets and more network support back then too. That alone makes all the difference.
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