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*sigh* - just when I think this story can't get any stupider, Days somehow manages.

Chloe's sudden religious conviction is ridiculous - particularly considering that she was never religious in the first place, and if she was deciding to be religious now and needed to have a priest's blessing, shouldn't she worry about some of those other sins she's been committing? Like lying, adultery, lust, etc.?

It lets me know how weak Danloe is that Days felt it necessary to have a priest giving his blessing. So pathetic that they wrote that God himself has to put an approval stamp on them in Days' attempt to try and convince the audience that Danloe doesn't suck.

Seriously - I know this board may not be indicative of the overall audience, but is there really and truly a large group of people behind this pairing? I don't get it.

And it's about damn time that they've finally admitted to Chloe and Lucas being nothing but rebound. As Paxton said, too bad it didn't happen a year ago. Think of all the crappy stories we would have been spared.
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