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I don't like that Lucas is getting a backburner story, but honestly, with so many other stories coming to a conclusion or a climax, as well as the returns coming up, I am not really surprised. I would prefer to see more of the story on screen, but nothing is really presented in-depth on this show anymore. Look at Kate's cancer, Theo's autism, even Ciara's kidnapping. Every major happening could lead to an in-depth story about the repercussions, but they never go there because they are too lazy. I don't really think it has as much to do with BD as with writer's having particular favorites that they want to write for more. BD is a fan-favorite, I don't know why people are so convinced that AS saved BD last time ... maybe she spoke up about him, I don't know, she doesn't seem like she really bothers with sticking her neck out about things she doesn't care for on-set since she has just gone with the flow about so many things that she has stated she didn't like, but it is her job to do. I think the fan out-cry may have saved Bry last time, but I am not really convinced that he was going to be out permenantly anyway. They just needed him off-screen for awhile to make EJ and Sami bonding even feesible. This time, I think they need him out of the way so that Chloe and Daniel can have their happy ending, and Sami can be busy running around looking for Rafe while all the other returns start getting their build up. From what I have read, Lucas will be shown in rehab, when Chloe comes to visit him, and Phillip, too, at the very least. Then comes the Stefano/Kate marriage to focus on ...
A fan I know just met BD in Hartford this past weekend and she asked him about his time away and he explained that he would just be on here and there for awhile, and she asked, "like Chloe in her coma?" and he joked, "yeah, but I won't have my eyes closed the whole time". So there you go ... who knows what is to become of ANY of the actors on DAYS, or of DAYS for that matter?!!? I think everyone is in danger, since the show is not really making the recovery it needs to. I do believe that Bry will be back, though, and will get another story when he returns. There are waves in soaps, everyone knows that. Even almighty-EJ has barely been present in HIS own s/l ever since he found out about Grace, and for awhile before that, actually. Sure, he will have some big stuff coming with the reveal, but after that? Who knows? Maybe the whole focus of the show will shift to OTHER characters who HAVEN'T been featured much for the last 3 years. I just think all this doom and gloom, and I-told-you-so's about BD being a goner is lame because it has all been said before and he is still there. According to his manager, his option was just picked up for 26 weeks, not the 13 that most actors get, but 26 because he is a vet. Not to say that they can't still let him go during that time, but why bother picking up his option if they were going to do that? They could have easily written him off in the last few weeks, had him leave town after the Chloe/Daniel discovery. So I feel pretty good that Lucas will be back from rehab with a story ... and there are still many of us who would LOVE to see him reunite with Sami. :D eventually.
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