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Sep 17 2009, 11:32 AM
Sep 16 2009, 02:32 PM
The writers don't care about the character of Lucas or Bryan and now we have proof - they are what giving him a week to have this falling off the wagon stint and they are sending him to rehab off screen. His contract is up in February - that does not bode well at all.
I read on another site that Bryan's contract is not being renewed when it is up in February. Now,whether or not it is true, I am not sure. But the fact that they are giving him less and less of a part, I agree, does not make it look good for him. I have also heard that Kate may be leaving when her contract is up.
I used to think TPTB would back burn a character leading up to new contract negotiations to play hardball but with the state of things I don't think they have to, I think actors aren't expecting much and not asking for much so that wouldn't be the reason. Bryan has been on the bubble so many times and he somehow survives. I think the worse thing he's got going for him is that he probably makes more than most of the cast and if they are looking for Salary Savings well he would be one to let go.
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