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Sep 17 2009, 12:12 PM
His contract's up in February?

I wouldn't be surprised if he's barely around until then. Lately it seems to me like they isolate characters and keep them isolated until the actors' contracts are set, one way or another, so it's easier to write people out. Like Max/Chelsea. Patch/Kayla (did they really interact with anyone in a major way?). Chloe/Daniel and Lucas feel the same. There won't really be any impact when they leave.
Yep. I actually like that they do that. I've seen some primetime soaps do that too. It especially helps if the person leaving is immensely popular and was a big part of the show for a long time. It makes it easier on the audience if you slowly weed them off the character or characters. Of course, if you only watch for the character or characters leaving, this won't help much. However, fans of the whole show will find the adjustment to the show going on without the character a bit easier. By the time Chelsea and Max left Days, I felt like they were already gone. Same goes for Steve and Kayla.

I've felt all along that at least two characters in the Kate/Daniel/Chloe/Lucas story would be gone at the conclusion of it. I think Kate is safe as they are involving her with Stefano and Vivian is coming back to the canvas. They had the perfect chance to write Kate out now and they didn't so that tells me they have plans for her. As for the others, the writing is on the wall. I've always felt Nadia would quit when her contract was up, unless the show axed her first. I felt SC would stay around the time Corday hinted at Daniel being involved in the Carly/Bo/Hope stuff but since Justin seems to have replaced Daniel in that, I think they will send him off with Chloe. I have no idea about Dattilo. The writing is on the wall but it's been for some time now and I still think he has hope of staying on as long as AS is on the show. I also think it would make little sense for them to put him through this rehab thing and have him barely appear for awhile only to bring him back and have him leave permanently. They could just write him off now and have him go away to rehab and to move on with his life. The fact that they are implying he will barely be featured only for awhile seems to suggest they plan on keeping him around but who knows.
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