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OK, my two cents.

This song-and-dance movement with Bryan's been going on and off for years. It's obvious we won't ever get Lumi again because the network/TPTB aren't interested in telling the story. I'm all right with that, but I think it stinks. Still, the best reason to keep Bryan around is his long history with Ali on camera, the fact he is a HORTON (Yes, Days, the show should be about the Hortons, not ex-Harmony residents with varying acting ability) and the fact he is a vet presence that's sorely needed on a show full of newbies.

I'm slowly not liking the direction Days is going. Blame it on Tomlin, blame it on Higley and Whitesell, blame it on Corday, whatever. The fake-outs and the gotcha moments don't remind me of Passions, they remind me of James Reilly in general. God rest his soul, but I didn't care for the JER-style of writing the second time around and I don't think it's working this time.

Some sort of change is needed. Far too many people are picking up on things that are wrong with the show rather than what's right.
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