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MICHAEL: Now you come on to Days of Our Lives on October 2nd. How is it being back there? You have said previously in some tweets, it's not a Bo/Carly redo.

CRYSTAL: I have had a really great time. I have had to dust the cobwebs off. Trying to get back into that format is like riding a bike, but it does come back very quickly. I am grateful for the experience I had "GL" and going back to DAYS. What I like about DAYS right now are the stories they are telling. When I pick up my scripts its good writing and good old fashioned soap story. I am really enjoying them and I am enjoying how it's structured… the old soap hook at the end of the show. As far as Carly goes, I am really enjoying playing her. She is different than she used to be.

MICHAEL: What can we expect from her?

CRYSTAL: She is massively flawed.

MICHAEL: We like you when you play flawed!

CRYSTAL: She is flawed, but innately is a good person. She just makes bad choices sometimes and they get her into not just a little trouble, but a lot of trouble. I like that for a soap character.

MICHAEL: Now the tease is: it's a murder mystery that brings her back into Salem.

CRYSTAL: She has really killed someone, and she needs Bo's help to not only protect herself, but lots of other lives are in serious trouble if she does not get to him and get his help.

MICHAEL: Your husband, Michael Sabatino, also makes a return visit to DAYS.

CRYSTAL: Oh yes, he is as Lawrence. We had scenes together and it's been great… sharing a dressing room… and it's a killer dressing room.

MICHAEL: Are you in Deidre Hall's old dressing room?

CRYSTAL: I actually don't know where that was. I am in the hall. I so don't care. It's a nice place and they treat me very well.

MICHAEL: I spoke with Louise Sorel who is coming back as Carly's old nemesis, Vivian! We all cannot wait to see the sparks fly again between these two.

CRYSTAL: She starts next week. The story… it's good, really good! I am having fun doing it.

MICHAEL: Peter Reckell (Bo) told me on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys, he was so looking forward to having you back on the show. Can we assume a triangle is in the works?

CRYSTAL: All I know is what we have now. When Carly comes back she is not available to Bo, it's more as an old friend. There has been no sense of anything romantic. Where they go with it, I don't know.

MICHAEL: NBC's promo sort of alluded that it could be a triangle.

CRYSTAL: I saw the promo, and it sort of showed how Carly's return will affect Bo's life.
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