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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Finally got to watch the premiere.

Shambo seems like she's going to be fun to watch. I'm always drawn to the odd ones on this show, lol.

Did any else catch that 62year old Mike when he said "Afro-Americans"? What a dumbass. Who says that anymore?!? It's not the worst thing you could say, and I'm not saying he meant in a derogatory manner either, I just think he could have chosen a better word.

...steps off my soap box.

Not liking that Ben guy who had some issue with Marissa. I was likin' her too. Sucks she got booted first.

As for Russell, as much as I already don't like him, and I could do w/o over-the-top villians, if his tribe buys what he's selling, then they deserve every tribal council they wind up at.

Next week looks crazy!
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