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loved, loved friday's show. i thought everything was very climatic what with nicole running away to europe with no plans to return, rafe putting everything together, and then getting knocked out by meredith just as sami called. yeah, it's predictable, but it was all very soapy and put together just right.

i really can't believe daniel escaped. i figured he'd be tied up in that room for weeks. loved the stefano/kate scenes, and the chess game that was worked into their dialogue. i agree with all the comments about nadia. she seemed tired friday and wasn't all glammed up like she usually is. i totally bought her scenes because she didn't over-play it. she seemed legitimately resigned to the fact that she had hurt lucas, but that she loves daniel and can't do much to change that. i actually preferred her stoicism about it all to lucas, who was too shrieky and vindictive to enjoy. anyway, i much prefer this chloe to the weepy 'i gotta keep my promise to god' chloe that we saw up until the coma.
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