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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Sep 21 2009, 02:45 AM
I cant imagine any scenario aside from blackmail that will bring Sami together with EJ.
Its possible that he will use a tactic he knows well, and force her to accept him if she wants any contact with Sydney.. But thats the only way I see it happening.
And that story still leaves open the Safe love story because Rafe will ofcourse do anything to rescue her and sydney from that type of life.

Sami is not going to wake up one morning and decide... "Hey .. I guess I really do love EJ, to hell with Rafe and all the love I feel for him." Knowing about Sydney wont change whats in her heart, she has always known she had a child with him, and always known he loves his children .. it didnt make her in love with him before, and it wont now, He is still a DiMera and only slightly better than his father... She may even believe he had a part in the whole kidnapping. ~shrugs~
Of course, we won't know how it will happen until we see how it is written but I have every confidence that the lingering love between EJ and Sami is just about to be rekindled. Perhaps once EJ finds out about Nicole's miscarriage and her lies to cover up he will confide in Sami? That may lead to them spending more time together and rebuilding their friendship and love since EJ will no longer be fooled by Nicole's manipulations and Stefano likely won't dare to intervene on her behalf for fear his involvement will be discovered. Or maybe EJ finds out almost immediately that Stefano is involved and turns his back on his father - which has always been the primary stumbling block for EJami.

However it happens I think now more than ever the indications are that EJami is on the cusp of being reunited. No doubt that will be filled with lots of angst and issues from all the baggage they'll both be dealing with - but I'm excited to see where we're headed. Finally. :D
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