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Despise is a strong word that I wouldn't use to describe Danloe, but I can easily see how many would feel that way. To me the most unappetizing thing about that pairing is Dr. Dan. SC seems like a nice man off-screen, but everytime Dr. Dan is on my screen, I want to rub my screen down with STD ointments. I have never been a Chloe fan and NB is nothing short of the female equivalent of Ronn Moss (Ridge, B&B) when it comes to acting, this latest pairing has just made Broe and to some extent Chloe just deadtome. I couldn't stomach the sight of Broe after Danloe. Chloe would just be nothing more than big ole hoe if they went there at this late stage in the game. Brady and EM deserve better. I think they could have done Broe as a triangle with Lucas. The minute they decided to throw Chloe at Dan, Broe was DOA.

I love Eric M., as Brady. I hated KL and thought and still think that he is a total fugmo. I never, ever found him even remotely attractive. EM is the hottest thing on Days to me right now with the best bod on Days, IMHO. He is the best good guy they have on the show. I just wish they would give him something to do. I am not seeing any smoking chem with the new Ari. I find LH huge eyes a bit off-putting for some reason.
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