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Sep 21 2009, 01:25 PM
Sep 21 2009, 12:32 PM
Was that Kate the current Kate? She looked similar, but I remember Kate might have been Deborah Adair?
Patrick Muldoon is :wub:
That was Deborah Adair. I never did get over them recasting Austin with Austin Peck; to the end of his terrible stint on Days I thought of him as fake Austin, just like Roark Critchlow was fake Mike.

I've never been a Lucas fan, but you're right, he has been done no favors over the years. The thing is, they can't even write him as cocky anymore, or they shouldn't, because what reason does he have to be cocky? In recent years he's been little more than a cuckolded mama's boy. If they're going to keep him around then they need to reshape his character to reflect at least some of the disappointments and pain he's gone through at the hands of Sami, Chloe and Kate, not to mention Nicole and Carrie (well, let's not mention Carrie).
It seems to me now would have been the perfect time to do that with the Lucas character. Have him slowly fall back into drinking, by that I mean he could get away with drinking just a little here and there for a little bit, until he finally gave into a binge. They could've even incorporated Nicole into the storyline since she's about to be exposed as well. (I know that might not work now, given she's about to go on maternity leave) I've always thought the two of them falling off the wagon could be a good story......some could be funny.......but most of it the two of them dealing with the failures in their life. Not sure if I'd want them together romantically, but whose to say? It might've been really good.

I've never really been a Lucas fan either, but I can tell you in my opinion he's a better actor than some of the newer actors we've been subjected to. And he does have history to play off of and to build stories from.
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