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Sep 21 2009, 11:45 AM
Sep 21 2009, 10:25 AM
Thanks for that clip, I've always wanted to see Lucas' first appearance.
Yw! I like Lucas's initial storyline. I thought he was a very complex character. It's so sad that the current writers just dump any 30-ish man into the same category.

Im not sure about current writers. Dena is the only one who atleast attempted to give him something. The Lucloe start was rushed and forced, but you can tell the same about Danloe, yet the latter still managed to create a good healthy fan following. Even later in the game, after the Danloe affair started, Dena still tried to involve Lucas somewhat and write it as triangle where Chloe is actually torn but the total lack of chemistry between them outed him so much they eventually turned it into Danloe lovestory with Kate as obstacle.

The problem with Lucas started with JER, when he brought back Austin and Carrie and decided to recreate his qudrangle from 90s. He completely cheapened any bond Sami and Lucas had. And Hogan made it worse when he decided/was ordered to turn Sami into a new show heroine. Sami, the schemer, could have Lucas as partner/soulmate, but Sami, the heroine, needed her hero. The dynamic completely changed.

I know Lumi fans will not like me for this, but I think the decision to write Lucas from that orbit completely was a right one. The triangle with EJ was beyond tired and his constant yelling made him a very unsympathetic character. Unfortunatelly, there was no one except Chloe to pair him with at the time and there is still no one now, so he is slowly turning into another Roman, just another supporting character who is on just because Sami is the leading character of the show and he happens to have two children with her.

Im not sure what they will do with him. I dont think Brian is demanding in any way and he is popular on the set, so its really hard for them to fire him, but Im not sure the show believes he is able to lead a storyline on his own, especially after the fiasco with Chloe. Even if they found someone new for him, how many people are really interested in Lucas lovelife? And would be the chemistry strong enough?
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